Our Coffee

Our Coffee Story

Artisan Roasted Coffee from Kill Devil Coffee Roasters in the OBX…Coffees sourced from small independent farmers throughout the world, focusing on sustainability and the use of organic farming techniques wherever possible. If you haven’t experienced fresh micro-roasted coffee; quite possibly you have never had a great cup of coffee. From sourcing the best green (unroasted) coffee, to a small batch roasting process designed to yield the optimal flavors from each unique coffee, then delivered to us at the Baja Coffee Co.!


(Dark Roast)
A dark French roast blend of Indonesian and A great eye opener for early morning surf trips. Central American coffees.


(Medium Roast)
Our Organic Fair Traded blend combines the brightness of high grown Central American coffees with dark roasted coffees to add body and mellowness. A smooth, very drinkable brew, whether at first light or into the night.



(Swiss Water Process)
This rich, dark Costa Rican has a slight tartness with well-developed flavor and a snappy finish.